Hunger Games Game Gets New Chapter

Funtactix, a worldwide developer and publisher of social games based on the world’s premier entertainment brands, today announced in partnership with Lionsgate that the latest chapter in The Hunger Games Adventures has launched. Fans can now journey to the Capitol, taking players outside of District 12 as the universe of the game expands in the first step toward unveiling the rest of Panem.

Mirroring the success seen at the box office, fans have been flocking to The Hunger Games Adventures in droves since the game opened to the public two weeks ago. Fans have been eagerly devouring the new story arcs that were part of the initial game launch as well as the first major story addition that was revealed last week. The latest update gives them what they’ve been waiting for — a chance to explore the game universe outside of District 12. New districts, characters and stories will continue to be revealed on a regular basis, allowing players to go even deeper inside the world of the book and film to experience life in Panem.

In the latest chapter, the adventures continue as players make a heroic escape from the confines of District 12 and arrive in the splendor and excess of the Capitol. Upon arrival they are greeted by Effie Trinket, who will act as their guide to the Capitol. Through their exploration, they will encounter other familiar characters such as everyone’s favorite stylist – Cinna.

Join Effie and Cinna in the Capitol today by going to


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