Heva Clonia Episode Arrives Today


OGPlanet is excited to announce that Heva Clonia Online’s Episode 2 has arrived with tons of new content for this fun-filled MMORPG. Jump into the stunning fantasy world of Heva Clonia Online and experience all new regions to explore, new dungeons to battle, new levels to gain and more in this exciting second episode.

Explore the new majestic region of Pirke and complete the various fun and engaging new quests. Those ready for battle and excitement can journey into three exhilarating new dungeons and challenge the mythical and powerful monsters that inhabit the new area. Those brave enough can test their might against new bosses such as Caligo, Contractor of Darkness to determine if they really are the true hero of Ariel. Remember, with great risk, comes great reward!

That’s not all! Players can now take their adventure to another level with all new class promotions! With the increased level cap of 59, when players reach level 50, they can now unlock all new skills for their character and receive some amazing Avatar items as a reward. Don’t forget, with the recently added PvP system, Players can also now take part in 5 vs 5 team battles, Clone battles and epic tournaments at the Clone Stadium where the excitement never ends.


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