Heroes And Generals Gets An Update

Heroes And Generals70 years ago Operation Overlord was running its course in Europe and a critical element to the success of this brave operation was the paratroopers that dropped behind enemy lines in Normandy on the night leading towards the beach-landings at D-day.

So we’re proud to introduce the Paratrooper as a new character class in the new “Quesada” update we have just released for Heroes & Generals.

As a US or German Paratrooper you will jump out of a Douglas C-47A Skytrain or Junkers Ju-52/3m plane and land at strategic spots on the battlefields to perform surprise attacks and help your fellow tankers, infantrymen or fighter pilots secure the objectives and win one more battle along or behind the frontlines in the persistant war fought out between the German and the US factions.

You will also be able to customize your paratrooper with new uniforms, as we have introduced uniform variations for some of the classes. In this update the US Recon, US Paratrooper, German Tank Crew, German Recon and German Paratrooper characters can get new uniforms. Uniform variations for the rest of the classes will follow in later updates.

The Quesada update also includes more ammunition types for vehicles, new personalization options for the US Bazooka and the German Panzerschreck, minor changes to the Town map and much more…


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