Guild Wars To Begin Offering Prize Money

ArenaNet has announced the 2007 $100,000 Guild Wars tournament series. This online tournament series provides high-level, competitive opportunities for individuals and guilds to win their share of over $100,000 in prizes while playing Guild Wars in online events.

Starting in May 2007, Guild Wars' automated tournaments will provide players and guilds the opportunity to qualify for exciting monthly championships where more than $10,000 worth of prizes are awarded to the winners.

Previously, ArenaNet ran championships in exotic locations that were exciting for the small number of players who attended. However, the old tournament format limited the amount of players who could win as well as reduced the opportunities for high-level PvP challenges for the rapidly growing Guild Wars player base.

With the new, online automated tournament system and single play competition mode, ArenaNet will be offering many more times the number tournaments and will award real-world prizes to more than ten times as many players compared to the old tournament format.

More frequent and easily accessible tournaments will translate into more fun and prizes for more players. The larger the pool of skilled individuals and guilds, the more exciting the competition becomes for participants and for viewers. By developing a solid competition infrastructure and supporting a deeper pool of competitors, this will enable ArenaNet to build the foundation for bigger and larger future events.

The prizes offered each month will vary and details on May's prize pool will be coming soon.

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