GTA Online The Cluckin Bell Farm Raid Now Available

Corrupt cops. Killer cartels. The aroma of factory-farmed poultry. Take down an illegal narcotics operation hiding behind one of the nation’s biggest fast-food processing plants in The Cluckin Bell Farm Raid — the newest action-packed update to GTA Online, available today and free across all platforms.

Since being relieved of his post as Head of Security at The Diamond Casino and Resort, Vincent Effenburger has traded in his mall cop uniform for a Los Santos Police Department badge and gun. But the corruption of the LSPD runs deep, and Vincent’s already tired of fetching coffee for crooked cops on the take.

Now, he’s intent on sticking it to the city’s mercenary police force in his own way, and has it on good authority that a drug cartel is moving imported cocaine out of Cluckin Bell’s facilities in Paleto Bay while the LSPD has promised to turn a blind eye in exchange for a cut of the action.

To prepare for this operation, you’ll need to build a slush fund of laundered money, obtain your preferred weapons and gear, and get your hands on vital intel about the inner workings of the farm’s facilities — along with other mission-critical decisions that will determine your approach.

Once you’ve lined everything up, you’ll need to infiltrate Cluckin Bell’s factory farm complex and make off with the haul, boosting your own notoriety while knocking the cartel and the city’s corrupt law enforcement officers down a few pegs in the process.

The Cluckin Bell Farm Raid is playable completely solo from start to finish, or with up to three other players.

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