Mafia III

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The Mafia Series: Storytelling at its Finest

It all started in 2002 when Illusion Softworks created Mafia. First introduced for Microsoft Windows, the game was well-received, and it quickly made its way to PlayStation 2 and Xbox. In 2010, 2K Games picked up where the original game left off when they released Mafia II for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. A little over six years later, in 2016, the third instalment of the series was released by Hangar 13. Some people get excited about playing bingo. For them, there are loads of bingo sites no deposit required. However, for anyone who craves fast-action, responsive gameplay, and memorable stories, the Mafia series won’t let you down. All three open-world games are action-packed single-player games that will keep you entertained for a long time.

Mafia: The Beginning of a Great Story

The Mafia series is much more than just a collection of games. The trilogy tells a masterfully crafted story. The first Mafia game lets us follow two feuding prohibition-era mafia families who battle for control of a fictional city called Lost Heaven. The star of the game is Tommy Angelo, who experiences a meteoric rise and subsequent fall within the Salieri family. While the missions and overall gameplay are both highly entertaining, it’s the detailed stories and plots that draw you in.

Act II

The second edition, Mafia II, centred on Vito Scaletta and his rise to prominence in Empire Bay during the 1940s and 50s. Between the robberies, fights, and a stunning betrayal, Vito’s story is deeply compelling. He’s like the bad guy that everyone cheers for. Who cares if he just mercilessly wiped out a bunch of people in a brutal bloodbath? It’s easy to let it slide because he’s so darn likeable and says a lot of cool stuff. Just like Tommy Angelo before him, Vito soars to great heights before his better judgment tells him to leave town. Unlike Tommy who met his demise in the Mafia, Vito survives.


Scaletta’s story continues into Mafia III. However, he is no longer the main character. Still, he plays an important role and continues to be the type of guy you’d want as an ally, if not a friend. Mafia III is a bit of a departure from the first two instalments, but it manages to connect with them. The story revolves around Lincoln Clay, who returns from Vietnam in 1968. Clay is a part of a crime family in New Bordeaux, which is a fictional version of New Orleans. After his mentor and several close associates are brutally slain by the local mafia boss, Sal Marcano, Lincoln vows to get his revenge by taking over the city’s rackets. Of course, he also swears to kill Marcano and anyone associated with him. What fun!

As Lincoln is unleashing his fury on the Marcano family, he saves Vito Scaletta from certain death and makes him and two other characters underbosses. Once again, the storytelling is fantastic. You become attached to some of these characters while building up a genuine hatred for others. This is especially true of this edition which explores some pretty dark themes and plenty of despicable characters. Oh, and the gameplay is superb too. The only major complaint is that some of the missions get a little repetitive. Don’t worry. You can spice things up by altering your approach.

As you may have guessed, Lincoln’s campaign of vengeance is a success. So, what happened to Vito? Well, only those who play Mafia III can write that ending. If Lincoln keeps him happy, Vito will stick around and give Lincoln unique perks like a well-trained crew of hitmen. He might even wind up ruling New Bordeaux with Lincoln. But if Lincoln makes Vito angry, the veteran mobster from Empire Bay will rebel, forcing Lincoln to make him sleep with the fishes.

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