Gold in WoW Classic TBC Why It’s Important and How to Get it

We know how crucial it is for the base game, so what will we need going into the next stage?

When going into The Burning Crusade, there are a few features that we need to keep in mind. One vital aspect is going to be how well we prepare for it. Here we will be looking at whether WoW TBC gold is a significant part of the expansion, and what we need to do to get what we need.

Is WoW Classic Gold Important in TBC?

The short answer is yes. WoW Classic gold is going to be very important to you when it comes to TBC. Regardless of what aspect of the game you are playing, it’s going to play a key role no matter what you are doing. Having items to sell from your WoW Classic bags won’t be enough here, so we are going to need effective ways in which we can get some gold to use.

When it comes to playing as a group, what you actually bring to the table will depend on the gold you are making as well in some instances. Ultimately, there are going to be a lot of items that you will need when you are getting into the later stages of the game. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can get WoW Classic gold in preparation for this new expansion.

Flipping at the Auction House

Taking advantage of the Auction House is a very common method for players to use in order to get additional wow gold. This practice involves you buying raiding materials at the weekend when the prices are low, then selling them at inflated prices when the raid resets. This is because you will get a wealth of players looking to buy potions and such, so you are bound to make some easy gold with this technique.

There is also another method that you can adopt here. Take a look at some of the items that you think you might need. If there are any items that are selling for low prices, then pick them up. These might be herbs or materials that you might need that are very cheap in price. With that, you should start gathering up as many as you can. These might prove to be very useful in the future, though it isn’t as certain as using the likes of raiding materials.

That said, this latter technique is going to take some patience. It is comparable to playing the stock market in that prices are going to fluctuate. Though this is going to get boring and repetitive for some, it can have a big potential payoff down the line.

Use Your Professions

This focuses more on farming the materials yourself rather than buying them and selling them on. This will then see you crafting items for you to sell to other players that are looking for them.

To make the most of this, you should focus on using mining. The reason behind this is that you are going to be finding ore nodes throughout the world, and they can be very profitable indeed. Herbalism is also useful for gathering and stockpiling herbs. Once you come across the best routes for getting these items you stand to make a lot of money by farming them. If you manage to get yourself a flying mount in the new expansion too, you can speed up this method as well since you will be able to get around much easier.

These are just a couple of useful methods that you can use to get by when making WoW Classic gold ready for The Burning Crusade. It should be emphasized that gold is very important in the next expansion. The way in which the progression works and grouping means that you are going to need to be able to pull your weight in the game when playing with your peers.

So if you are looking for ways to prepare for TBC, then the Auction House and professions are arguably the best ways to do so. Parts of these techniques can be tedious for sure, but they’ll be worthwhile in the long run. You could also choose to go for the method of repeating dungeons if you have the time, though this will take a lot of effort. You would also be relying on getting the best loot from the dungeons that your allies wouldn’t want, so you are better leaving matters in your own hands with the methods discussed.

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