Goat’s Tale 2 Climbs the Heights of Steam

Goat’s Tale 2 is a game in the genre of precise platformers, and it is a continuation to the very well-received Goat’s Tale which got over 50k downloads and 84% positive reviews on Steam.

As in Goat’s Tale 2’s predecessor, the main goal of the player is to get to the top, but thanks to completely new mechanics and improved physics, this task should be a little easier than before and includes an additional multiplayer mode.

Many new mechanics have been added to the game, such as elevators with which our brave goat can move in 4 directions. And there’s special rock ledges that players can grab to slide down easily without bouncing off the walls.

Goat’s Tale 2 includes much more exploring than its predecessor. At each stage, players can find buried treasures or npcs who will advise them on how to overcome more difficult jumps and also will give players a penny for their help.

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