5 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When Betting on eSports

There is always a new feature in the sports betting world. When it comes to placing bets online, the platforms know what to do in order to offer new options everyday. Some betting sites focus on offering the best odds, other sportsbooks just try to provide a really wide range of markets. Between one thing and another, eSports are really appealing nowadays, having thousands of followers around the world and not just in Europe or USA as many people think.

With a huge amount of eyes over eSports, one question that is always in the air is where to place those types of bets and how to do it in the best possible way. It is true that there are quite many eSport betting sites with really quality offers. Nevertheless, there are also a lot of people who don’t know how to bet on these events or just can’t do it successfully.

In this article we will tell you about the 5 most typical mistakes that are made when betting on eSports. Hopefully that will help you avoid them and make your Esports betting experience more enjoyable.

ESports world: more than just a boom

As it is clear today, eSports is way more than just a boom. Some may think it is just about video games, and yes, it has a lot to do with that. However, different eSports are as professional as many other sports disciplines nowadays.

ESports are one of the most appealing sports for a large community. From LOL fans to CS:GO players, many people want to know everything about eSports and gambling sector is not an exception.

5 mistakes to be avoided when betting on eSports

Someone once said: “I don´t lose, I win or learn.” Yes, that quote is from Nelson Mandela and many athletes use it in the sports world. However, when it comes to placing bets, it is better to learn from other bettors’ mistakes since in the end you are not willing to lose any bet, right?

Well, let’s see the 5 most common mistakes that you don’t want to make when placing bets in eSports.

#1 Thinking (and betting) with your heart instead of your brain

If you are more a fan than a bettor, that’s ok. No problem at all. However, if you are going to place a bet you shouldn’t let your emotions make choices by you. If you are really passionate about a particular team or player and you don’t want to place a bet against them, there are a lot of possible bets you can place without facing such a low success chances percent of 10% or less.

#2 Not taking care of statistics

Every information is useful as long as you can find a connection between the fact and the game. Sometimes we just don’t pay enough attention to trends and sometimes trends are just telling us about what is most likely to happen in an eSports event.

#3 Taking care only of statistics

Now, on the other hand, statistics are not everything. Like Lou Piniella said once: “Statistics are like bikinis. They show a lot but not everything”. Yes, Lou Piniella is a legend from MLB Baseball and he obviously knows something (a lot, actually) about sports.

When it comes to eSports betting you need to keep in mind more than just  numbers. Sometimes experience, state of mind, emotions, comfort and many other factors are really important to set a prediction about an eSports event.

#4 Following tipsters that are nothing but scam

Information is important, but only reliable information. There are currently a lot of tipsters providing every kind of picks that are not really to be trusted. Sometimes it is about a scam and in other scenarios it is just people trying to get traffic to their sites. Follow only the most expert in the eSports field and you will note the difference.

#5 Spending all your bullets at once

Losing is not good, that’s a fact. Nevertheless, losing is also part of life. In gambling, losing is more often than bettors would like it to be. That’s why you should never spend all your funds at once in one bet. Try to manage your bankroll so you can place several bets. That way you guarantee more fun time by minimising risks.  And remember that betting should not be seen as a financial activity, but in the end the most fun betting brings is to have an accurate prediction. If you want to place your first bet on eSports or think about finding a new betting partner, you can always find a reliable eSports bookmaker at Legalbet.UK.

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