Gloria Victis Slavic Folklore MMO Looking For Funding

Gloria Victis, is a MMORPG with a focus on classic role-playing. The world is inspired by medieval Europe and Near East with fantasy elements, such as mythical creatures from Slavic folklore.

The game will be free to play (F2P) with an Item Shop of quality life improving items. Important note though: none of these items will give anyone any kind of advantage in the game.

We’re gamers, so the Pay2Win policy just doesn’t work for us and our vision of an epic gaming experience.

Gloria Victis will operate on a non-target combat system. The player will have to not only aim and attack in the right direction but from the right distance. True.Action.Combat. Skill, dexterity and tactics not only matter but it’s what will keep you alive. No more ‘point, click and spam hot keys’, Gloria Victis is as close to real combat as you can get! You will also have the freedom to build your own character using special stats and skills making them truly unique. If that’s not your cup of tea and you just want to get in and kick tail, well we’ve got you covered; players can choose to follow pre-made progression builds.

Black Eye Games is pleased to announce that Gloria Victis has received official support from Steffen Ruehl (responsible for the plot in Gothic 1) and Kai Rosenkranz (who was the sound engineer and composer for Gothic 1-3 and Risen).

If your ready for a new experience and want to break away from the dated mmo-mold that’s been cast for thousands of other games, then its time to grab a sword and come support us on Kickstarter!


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