Giants Software Debuts Farming Simulator 22 Horsch AgroVation Pack Trailer

GIANTS Software has announced that their HORSCH AgroVation Pack for Farming Simulator 22 is arriving to PC and consoles on July 25th. The publisher and developer is about to extend Farming Simulator 22 with a new map and 14 machines by German manufacturer HORSCH. A trailer offers a glimpse at the new content.

Real-World AgroVation Farm Recreated

Featuring the HORSCH AgroVation farm located in Knezmost, Czech Republic, players look forward to a faithfully recreated environment from the real world. The farm layout with its small to large fields and various storage buildings was digitized for Farming Simulator 22 and equips farmers with a fleet of brand-new HORSCH machines that debut in the game.

14 New Machines by HORSCH

Efficient tillage, seedbed preparation, drilling, and more: The HORSCH AgroVation Pack features efficient high-performance machines like the Maestro 24.50 SV precision planter and the Avatar 12.25 D seed drill, the Cura 24 ST weeder, or the Cultro 12 TC mulcher, and Transformer 12 VF hoe. Find the complete list below.

  • Avatar 12.25 SD (Seed Drill)
  • Cultro 9 TC (Mulcher)
  • Cultro 12 TC (Mulcher)
  • Cura 24 ST (Weeder)
  • Finer 6 SL (Shallow Cultivator)
  • Joker 8 RT (Disc Harrow)
  • Maestro 9.75 RX (Precision Planter)
  • Maestro 24.50 SV (Precision Planter)
  • Partner 1600 FT (Additional Tank)
  • Pronto 3 DC (Seed Drill)
  • Pronto 6 DC (Seed Drill)
  • Taro 6 SL (Seed Drill)
  • Tiger 8 MT (Cultivator)
  • Transformer 12 VF (Hoe)

Farming Simulator 22 is available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. HORSCH AgroVation Pack is ready for pre-orders and will be released on July 25th.

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