Gas Station Simulator Launches Airstrip DLC on Steam

Your gas station empire can reach new heights with the Airstrip DLC for Gas Station Simulator which is on PC via Steam. Developed by DRAGO entertainment, Gas Station Simulator is a critically acclaimed indie game that puts players in the shoes of a gas station owner, and the Airstrip DLC takes the gameplay to new heights with exciting new features and content.

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The Airstrip DLC brings a whole new dimension to Gas Station Simulator, allowing players to manage a bustling airstrip alongside their gas station. With planes from 16 different countries, players can cater to a diverse range of customers and expand their business to new horizons. The DLC also includes over 50 new products, giving players even more options to stock their shelves and keep their customers satisfied.

In addition to the new planes and products, the Airstrip DLC introduces new structures, vehicles, characters, tools, decorations, landmarks, and exciting new mechanics. Players will be able to own and upgrade a Barn with 14 different upgrades, use a new vehicle called Towy for towing planes and even cars, interact with a new character named Joe who will provide guidance and assistance, use a Communication Device to contact with Joe, decorate their airstrip with 15 new decorations, and discover 7 new landmarks to enhance the visual appeal of their airstrip.

Moreover, the Airstrip DLC features new minigames and mechanics, including duct tape repairs, acting as an airport marshal to guide planes, trading goods with other pilots, and fueling airplanes. These new additions bring fresh challenges and gameplay opportunities for players to explore and master, making the Airstrip DLC a must-play for fans of Gas Station Simulator.

The Airstrip DLC is on PC via Steam, but later on developers are planning to bring it on consoles as well.

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