Gamescom: Microsoft Announces Fable Legends As Xbox One Exclusive

Microsoft and Lionhead Studios announced that a new game called Fable Legends will be an exclusive title for the Xbox One console. The news came at the Gamescom Microsoft press event in Cologne.

Director David Eckelberry stressed that the game was not a sequel to the Fable series, but its own game and new IP, set 400 years before the original Fable game.

The game will require online play as it will use the Xbox One cloud service. There are four characters in the game and players can take on the role of any of them. Friends can then opt to play the remaining three heroes, or the computer can control them as an AI. However, there is also a villain, which can be a human player. The villain gets a god-like view of the Fable map and will place traps and enemies in the way to try and destroy the good players.

A trailer shows the concept of the game, which Lionhead stressed retained all the humor and deep story of the rest of the series despite the new features.

No date was announced for the game’s release, but it may be a year before its actually playable.

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