Gamescom: Wrap Up

After five extraordinary exhibition days, the world’s largest event for interactive games and entertainment, the gamescom in Cologne, drew to a close on Sunday. For the first time in the history of European trade fairs for digital gaming, two companies, Microsoft and Sony presented new game consoles that the consumers were able to try out for the first time worldwide. Over 340,000 visitors from 88 nations, including more than 29,600 trade visitors, transformed the exhibition grounds of the Koelnmesse into a unique trade fair and business event following the motto ‘next generation of gaming’. The attendance figures rose by 23 … Continue reading Gamescom: Wrap Up

Meet Didi Of Contrast

Contrast, the platform/puzzler developed by Compulsion Games for PC, the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Arcade is pleased to tell you more about one of the main characters from its cast through a charming, jazzy trailer: Didi, a little girl trying to reunite her parents with the help of Dawn, her imaginary friend. In this trailer, discover Didi, an independent, adventure-loving, spirited little girl who lives with her mother, Kat. Her father, Johnny, left Didi and Kat some time ago, but Didi yearns for her father’s return every day and compensates for his absence through Dawn, a friend, who always … Continue reading Meet Didi Of Contrast

Gamescom: Microsoft Announces Fable Legends As Xbox One Exclusive

Microsoft and Lionhead Studios announced that a new game called Fable Legends will be an exclusive title for the Xbox One console. The news came at the Gamescom Microsoft press event in Cologne. Director David Eckelberry stressed that the game was not a sequel to the Fable series, but its own game and new IP, set 400 years before the original Fable game. The game will require online play as it will use the Xbox One cloud service. There are four characters in the game and players can take on the role of any of them. Friends can then opt … Continue reading Gamescom: Microsoft Announces Fable Legends As Xbox One Exclusive

Gamescom: New Trailer For The Order 1886

A game that wowed fans at E3 Expo got a new extended trailer for Gamescom. Created by Readyatdawn and Santa Monica Studios, The Order: 1886 will be an exclusive title for the PlayStation 4 console. Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment Developers: Ready At Dawn Studios, Santa Monica Studios Platforms: PlayStation 4 Events: Gamescom 2013

Ballmer To Retire As Microsoft CEO

Steve Ballmer is to retire as Microsoft CEO within the next year. Unlike gaming boss Don Mattrick’s abrupt departure after the Xbox One launch failure, Ballmer is going to stay on and will even have a role in picking his successor, so it may be a year or more before he actually enters retirement. Ballmer did not just oversee the gaming arm of Microsoft, though he was always in the forefront of the company’s push on that front, and a frequent attendee and speaker at E3 Expo. The timing of the announcement comes during Gamescom, but that may be coincidence. … Continue reading Ballmer To Retire As Microsoft CEO

Gamescom: Ubisoft Announces Watch Dogs Movie

Ubisoft has announced a movie version of upcoming open-world adventure Watch Dogs. No release date or casting information has yet been unveiled. The sci-fi shooter is due to be released in video game form this November. Little has been revealed of Watch Dogs overall plotline by Ubisoft and there’s no mention of whether the film version will follow the same story. Watch Dogs centres on hacker Aiden Pearce who gains control of Chicago’s city-wide computer network after suffering a violent family tragedy. The game is set to chart his journey from everyman to vigilante. "Since both Sony and Ubisoft have … Continue reading Gamescom: Ubisoft Announces Watch Dogs Movie

Gamescom: Women Out For FIFA 14, But Future Is Possible

With Europe in love with soccer, (or European Football as it’s also called) it would make sense that the topic of including women in the FIFA Games would come up at Gamescom, which is the largest European trade show dedicated to the games industry. However, EA went on record saying that at least for 2014, women will not be included. There is a bit of a disconnect between the US and the European market over the game. While soccer is not very poplar in the United States, which prefers the hard hitting world of NFL Football, the soccer that is … Continue reading Gamescom: Women Out For FIFA 14, But Future Is Possible