Games help Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

We all are professionals that need to follow somebody's instructions, to meet the deadlines and to work after hours from time to time. Yes, our kids have computers and those cute games installed on them. Confess that you also have a couple of games running on your PC.

Would we want to feel like home everywhere? Is playing the game from a wide screen of our PC (either Windows, Mac, or Linux) on our PDAs brings us sweet home memories? If it does, then we should stop burning ourselves down and take a time out to relax while playing our favorite classic games without shooting and falling skies.

One of the few companies that propose quality games for all the range of devices starting from desktops to handhelds and mobile phones is For porting to different platforms Absolutist uses a multiplatform engine that was created inside the company. It allows "transferring" games without changing unique gameplay and without losing enhanced graphics and sound features.

"The major purpose in engine development was to create an ultimate tool for quick and quality porting of products to multiple platforms thus providing users with greater choice and comfort while playing," said Vitaly Khit, Technical director for

Lately, Absolutist's range of interests has extended and currently the company develops games for the following range of platforms: PalmOS, PocketPC, Windows for Smartphone, Symbian (series 60), Symbian UIQ, J2ME, as well as Mac and Linux.

Once you try the advantage of playing a game on all your digital things, you will know why you were right to read this up to the end.

So why in modern world chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) nearly topples the list of most experienced health problems among business people? Because people don't play games!

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