Altec Ships New Gaming Headset

Altec Lansing Technologies, Inc., the leader in the design and manufacture of Powered Audio products, today unleashed its AHS602 Headset, the most satisfying, pulse-pounding personal audio experience yet for computer game users. The AHS602 plunges the wearer into the middle of the action using two high-performance, 40mm neodymium drivers combined with SRS Headphone technology-a patented 3-D breakthrough from SRS Labs that repositions sound from inside the listener's head to outside the listener's ears, creating a natural, yet awesomely intense audio effect.

Altec Lansing's AHS602 is a premium headset for serious gamers. Featuring a noise-rejecting wraparound microphone for hands-free operation, the AHS602's closed ear-cup design not only delivers comfort even after extended wear, but also provides passive reduction of ambient noise. With the AHS602, users hear the full, immersive sound that makes computer games incredibly real.

"Digital games, like motion pictures, have embraced sound to effectively transport the listener as few forms of entertainment have ever done before," said Mark Lucas CEO and President of Altec Lansing Technologies. "Our new AHS602 headset is a natural extension of the player, delivering hands-free voice capability while connecting the person to the sounds of the game. We believe the AHS602 will be as indispensable for true gamers as a game controller or video monitor."

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