GamersGate To Offer Japanese Indy Games

GamersGate, a leading platform for digitally distributed PC games, today announced a distribution deal with indie videogame publisher Rockin' Android. GamersGate will offer a lineup of localized indie videogame titles officially licensed from Japan. The first title available will be the Japanese fan-favorite hybrid, shoot'em up, fighter SUGURI, scheduled for availability at the end of June. Additional titles from Rockin' Android will soon follow.

"I'm thrilled with this partnership," said Rockin' Android President Enrique Galvez. "The rock solid reputation and wide-reaching, user-friendly platform of GamersGate will tremendously help to expose some of Japan's best indie PC games to an even wider global audience."

"We have always placed a high importance on offering high-quality indie titles," said Theodore Bergquist, CEO of GamersGate. "Rockin' Android has made a name for itself by finding some fantastic indie titles and bringing them to market. We're very pleased to help deliver these titles to the GamersGate community."

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