Gamers Creating Sculpture

The Sculpture & F/X Props Club at The Art Institute of California – San Francisco ( has joined forces with the Star Chamber online strategy game ( to create a series of unique Limited Edition resin sculpture kits inspired by the game.

The sculptures are being supplied as prizes for Star Chamber community members in the Star Chamber monthly referral program. The students also are planning to sell the kits on as a way to raise money for the club.

The first sculpture coordinated by the club was the Zhikanii Star Chamber Resin Kit #1, sculpted by student artist Mattzilla Duron.

"This is a creative way for students to work on a real-world design project and showcase their skills in sculpture-making," said Alberto Carreno, club advisor and faculty member at The Art Institute of California – San Francisco. "Our club is always looking for new and exciting projects related to sculpture and F/X props. This was a great chance to breathe life into the game's characters and partner with an online gaming community."

Star Chamber is an online multiplayer strategy game with a collectible card component. Unlike other 4X strategy games, Star Chamber games are quick to play and most are finished in half an hour. Players play one of the many races that are part of the Galactic Republic. The game is developed and produced by Nayantara Studios and can be downloaded for free from

Students at the school are no strangers to gaming, sculpture and character design. The school's degree programs include Game Art & Design, Media Arts & Animation and Visual & Game Programming, in which students take courses in sculpture, characterization, life drawing and other subjects.

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