Nyko Ships Wireless Controller for Xbox

Nyko Technologies, manufacturer of innovative peripherals for video and computer games, has shipped its Wireless Air Flo controller for the Xbox. The cable-free unit utilizes Nyko’s patented Air Flo technology to provide gamers with a consistent flow of fresh air through the controller handgrips.

With Nyko’s exclusive technology for reliability in wireless, the new controller features unblockable long-range gaming without response lag. The Wireless Air Flo controller for Xbox includes multi-channel design for simultaneous use of up to 8 controllers without interference. The automatic power save mode ensures long battery life, so gamers can enjoy up to 50 hours of wireless game play.

The new controller carries Nyko’s patented Air Flo design with new, variable speed control for custom hand cooling. It is ergonomically designed for optimum comfort, style and performance. Nyko’s wireless product includes dual expansion ports, ultra responsive D-pad and unique configuration of black and white buttons on both the shoulder and original locations for greater accessibility. The controller also includes a variable vibration function.

"We’re excited to extend the Wireless Air Flo technology to the Xbox," said Susan Corben, director of marketing, Nyko Technologies. "You can use up to 8 controllers at the same time which is ideal for friends who want to get together for a multi-system gaming session."

Wireless Air Flo for Xbox features include:

• RF Wireless technology

• Multi-channel design

• Patented Air Flo technology with variable speed control

• Dual expansion ports on receiver

• 4 AA batteries provide up to 50 hours of wireless game play

• Compatible with Xbox Live

• Variable vibration function

• Detachable joystick for arcade-style gaming

and Black and White button layout in both original and shoulder locations.

Nyko’s Wireless Air Flo controller for Xbox ($49.99) is available at all major retailers.

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