GameRange Releases AstroRaid

Some things are just good. Like steak or vanilla ice cream. Sure, a few
people don’t eat beef and some would rather have persimmon soufflé, but the point is this – if you give a good thing to people, they will like it. And then they will come for some more.

When it comes to game development, GameRange Studio knows the
ingredients to cook up a perfect game – simple but engaging gameplay; excellent graphics; catchy soundtrack; low learning curve and the addiction ingredient, which is to a good developer like spices to a chef. This, in short, is a description of AstroRaid – a new scrolling vertical shooter with alien theme from GameRange Studio. The point of
the game is very simple like in most games of this genre – fend off evil aliens and save the entire humankind from a virus they infected people with. Or, to put it in plain gamers’ lingo – shoot everything in sight.

What makes AstroRaid an outstanding game among scrolling shooters is that secretive "addiction" ingredient. People love french fries, but not too many people will eat many of them without ketchup. Likewise, the game is only good so long as it does not get boring. And with AstroRaid, one is immune from boredom and monotony. New waves of alien ships, progressively increasing difficulty level, fresh bonuses – all this makes AstroRaid a "let me play just a little more" kind of game.

Its modest system requirements and a low price make the game a perfect

To yourself, naturally.

AstroRaid is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available at for evaluation.

The price of a single copy is 14.95 US Dollars.

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