Funcom Offers Unique Save the Rhino Promotion

In the spirit of Christmas and to help with the good cause Funcom is giving players of Anarchy Online the chance to help. (Let's pretend) the other Rhinomen on Rubi-Ka are always being hunted by the Rhinoman Bashers, so for each and every Rhinoman basher which is defeated in Anarchy Online (yes they will track it) Funcom will donate 10 cents to Save the Rhino, with a goal of reaching a cap of 3,000 USD. We will let everyone know as soon as we have reached the limit.

YOU can also be of help, and we have thus established a donation account at where you can, if you wish, give your donation. If you wish to use Paypal versus a credit card to donate, please go to and simply send your donation to our address

Funcom would like to kindly ask for people to at least consider the implications of a world with less wildlife. We all have a common responsibility for the future of our planet.

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