Free Heroes Of The Realm Game Launches Christmas Eve


The new card-based strategy/simulation game, Heroes of the Realm, will launch in North America on December 24, as announced today by OGPlanet, a leading publisher of Free-to-Play, multiplayer online games, in partnership with Bluceansoft Corp. With its unique kingdom-building and role-playing elements, Heroes of the Realm offers strategy fans a wide variety of challenges and deep gameplay with the convenience of a browser-based format.

Heroes of the Realm blends key elements of the simulation, card battle/collection, and strategy/RPG genres into an addictive hybrid of a game unlike any other. Players build kingdoms and amass an army of Heroes as they restructure and restore glory to Midland, one of three dimensions plagued by a 300-year-old war. By collecting Heroes, players are able to expand upon their kingdom, adding new structures and unlocking new abilities. To rule the land and restore it to its former glory, players must utilize their Heroes, optimize their battle stats and formations, and take on engaging quests and challenges. The path to victory does not lie in wealth and riches, but in the mind of the player and the morale of the Midland citizens.

Collect. Build. Conquer. Your Heroes await…

For more information, and to play Heroes of the Realm, please visit the official game page

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