Fatal1ty Game System Created

Auravision Inc., a pioneer computer peripheral developer, today announces the first products from the Fatal1ty line of professional gaming products, including the Fatal1ty/PWX system and a motherboard and graphics card created by ABIT Computer Corporation, a world leading manufacturer of award-winning motherboards, video cards, and server products.

Auravision's gaming division signed an exclusive licensing agreement with leading gamer and three-time World Champion Gamer from the Cyberathlete Professional League, Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel. Together, they will launch a new line of products for professional gamers under the Fatal1ty brand.

"The Fatal1ty Team has helped me with my dream of making my ultimate gaming computer system a reality," notes Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel. "I'm pleased to bring this superior gaming system to gamers world wide."

"We are thrilled to be working with PWX, Auravision, and Fatal1ty to bring gamers around the world the most powerful gaming system ever devised," said ABIT Marketing Director Scott Thirlwell. "At E304, gamers will have the chance to experience ABIT Fatal1ty hardware that has been specifically designed with the world's number one gamer."

Fatal1ty wanted to work with a group of computer developers who could make his ideas for his ultimate gaming computer system a reality. Auravision invited MDDM, a company specializing in the design, development and manufacturing management of electronic products, to join forces to create the Fatal1ty development team. Fatal1ty has developed a deep working relationship with the companies, allowing him to bring to market his vision of what the professional gamer requires to win.

As The Fatal1ty Team started working on the development of Johnathan's pro weapon competition system, MDDM sought out ABIT Computer Company's considerable experience with overclocking and state of the art motherboard and Graphic Card designs. As a result, Fatal1ty now has the ability to custom tailor his own PC "engine."

The first Fatal1ty ABIT motherboard will be based on Intel's newest Adlerwood chipset (an AMD based motherboard will debut soon after), and will feature the new PCI Express bus, DDR2 memory and the latest proprietary BulletProof ABIT technologies – SoftMenu jumperless technology, OTES (Outside Thermal Exhaust System), and µGuru interactive system management.

In addition to the Fatal1ty motherboards, ABIT is also working with Fatal1ty to develop the Fatal1ty Graphics Card, based on the latest ATI chipset, designed for the new PCI Express bus and also features OTES (Outside Thermal Exhaust System).

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