IGDA Gets New Officers

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) has welcomed two new members to the Board of Directors and has appointed new officers. The Board is responsible for guiding the IGDA, acting in the best interest of the game development community.

Bob Bates, author of Game Design: The Art and Business of Creating Games and a longtime industry veteran, was elected to an open board seat. Also elected to the board, Brian Reynolds, president, Big Huge Games, will serve as the IGDA’s secretary.

Existing Board members appointed to officer positions include Chairperson: Jesse Schell, professor of Entertainment Technology, Carnegie Mellon University;
Treasurer: Mitzi McGilvray, executive producer Tapwave; and Chair Emeritus: Kathy Schoback, vice president of content strategy, Infinium Labs.

"I am delighted to serve as the chairperson for the organization that serves as the voice of the game development community," said Jesse Schell. "The IGDA is the glue that brings gaming professionals together worldwide for the purposes of growing, strengthening and improving the industry."

"IGDA members have selected another impressive team," said Jason Della Rocca, "We look forward to working together on both new and ongoing initiatives that will grow the community of game developers and advocate on its behalf."

The new board term began in May, 2004 and will last two years.

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