Phantom Correction To E3 Wrap-up

In Todd Hargosh's E3 Wrap-up article, two inaccurate statements were made. The first was the incorrect subscription fee. The monthly subscription fee for the Phantom gaming service is $29.95, not $24.95.

Secondly, you don't actually have to wait for an entire game to download before playing. Users will typically wait five to 15 minutes while the Phantom streams enough of the game to start playing. The rest of the game streams down in the background. On top of that, for all games a user subscribes to, upgrades will automatically be streamed down to the Phantom Gaming Receiver, so it’s invisible to the user.

As a side note, Phantom is trying to get away from the notion that the Phantom is a "console." Rather, they would like to be known as a service (Phantom Gaming Service) that requires a receiver (Phantom Gaming Receiver).

Phantom officials promise that GiN will receive review receivers and accounts as soon as they are available, so we can bring you a full review on how the service works. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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