ezGear Making Guitar Game Stands

Today ezGear announces the ezStand Guitar Controller Stand – a new stand developed specifically for Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitar controllers.

The ezStand is the perfect solution to keeping your video gaming room in order. This compact stand provides a home for your ezJam, Rock Band, or Guitar Hero guitar. Designed to work with any model, the ezStand is made of ultra-sturdy and durable material.

The ezStand has padded bars for the bottom of the guitar and a padded collar for the guitar controller neck. All three fold out legs have plastic bumpers to keep your floors clean. A rubber strap can be used to keep the guitar neck in place.

According to Charlie Bernstein, President of ezGear, "Before I got the ezStand, my family room had a guitar on the couch, one on the floor, or it was up against the wall, scratching it. With my ezStand, our family room is neat and the Guitar Controllers have a home."

The ezStand comes with a suggested list price is $15.99. The ezStand Guitar Stand is available to order on www.ezgear.com/Guitar/ezStand.html.

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