Eve Online Celebrates Largest Expansion With Operation Frostline

Today brought the largest release for EVE Online in 2015, which includes an evolution of EVE’s epic sci-fi storyline. Named after a new and engaging series of events happening throughout the New Eden universe, Operation Frostline sets the stage for the massive Spring 2016 EVE Online: Citadel expansion, which will reconstruct the very foundations of the famous sci-fi universe and transform the sandbox game design it is built on.

The deadly mercenary faction known as Mordu’s Legion, having recently liberated Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) stations, now calls on pilots across the universe to raid the Serpentis Corporation’s vaults and pillage their valuable troves of implants, blueprints, PLEX, SKINs, and more before they can get their defenses back online.

Today’s release also brings 13 new ships, the largest introduction in a release in years. Command Destroyers make their debut, altering the battle meta with area-of-effect Micro Jump Field Generators pulling all nearby sub-capital ships with them as they leap 100 kilometers in the direction they are heading. Also unveiled is the Endurance, a nimble ice-mining frigate designed to travel into deep space and harvest precious ice ore from shattered wormholes and the most lucrative null-security regions.

Four new Navy Electronic Warfare Frigates deliver powerful support to fast moving gangs and Tech II Logistics Frigates provide crucial restorative power for the shields and armor of their fleetmates. Several significant graphical updates were also added to EVE Online, including: a running kill-mark tally of PvP victories on each ship, accumulated rust and dust on hulls, stunning new shield and armor damage effects, gorgeous engine effects for all ships, subtle yet vibrant changes to the nebulae and starfields, new ship SKINs, beta-versions of new orbital and first-person camera controls, module effect overhauls for smartbombs, e-war modules, cynosaural fields and more.

The EVE Universe thrives on change, especially from the players as they scheme and cajole, collaborate and command, and perish and conquer. It wouldn’t be an EVE release without shifting the conflict metagame a bit further by challenging the shifting tactics of the players before they get too comfortable. Today’s changes include even more module changes, new energy neutralizer variations, falloff for remote repairers, and new missile tracking disruptors.

An exponential alteration to the size of grids will have far-reaching combat implications and set the stage for the massive structures coming in EVE Online: Citadel. Altogether, additions alter the boundaries of EVE-as-it-has-been for a new future with unique new tactical considerations and rejuvenated graphical beauty. Full patch notes and information on other improvements can be found here

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