Episodic Crime Solving Game The Lawyer Announced

The Lawyer – Episode 1: The Red Bathtub is the first part of an episodic adventure game which combines gripping crime story with classic courtroom drama. Immerse yourself into a world set in early 90’s in which you gather (or fabricate!) evidence, deduct and run fierce courtroom battles.

Features include:
• deep and engaging storyline set in early 90s when pagers were still widely used rather than cellphones,
• ground-breaking decisions affecting not only the current case, but also further events in later episodes,
• different ways of handling the case,
• two playable characters with their own traits: Mark Ferry (an attorney), Hector Diaz (a private eye),
• form different conclusions basing on your approach to presented evidence, testimonies and other leads,
• real-time reaction to testimonies and cross-examinations at the court,
• win jury’s favor, restore your reputation.

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