EGS 2008 Netted 26,000 Attendees

In its first year at Expo Bancomer Santa Fe in Mexico City, Electronic Game Show 2008 drew more than 26,000 attendees during its 3-day run, Oct. 24-26.

The new venue for EGS 2008, located in Mexico City's most important business district, accommodated a larger exhibition floor than that of previous years. Sony Computer Entertainment, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Konami, Atari, Lucas Arts, Midway and Sega were among the major exhibitors at the 2008 show. Consumers and journalists had the opportunity to explore a number of high-profile pre-release titles including Gears of War 2, Little Big Planet, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Pro Evolution Soccer 2009.

"As the videogame industry continues to expand in Latin America and the rest of the world, branching out beyond the traditional young, male demographic, we see the same growth at EGS," said Jorge Lizarraga, CEO of the Show organizer company Oelli "EGS 2008 featured an unprecedented emphasis on a broad spectrum of consumers, including women, families and casual gamers."

In the midst of global economic worries, EGS 2008 remained lucrative for vendors. Retailers who appeared at this year's Electronic Game Show saw significantly larger sales figures than at EGS 2007, reporting 30%-50% increases over last year's show. Networking opportunities also abounded, with an EGS-sponsored cocktail party on the show floor drawing more than 2,000 guests, including celebrities and high-profile athletes.

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