1C Acquires Avalon Style

Leading Eastern and Central European publisher 1C Company officially announced today Avalon Style Entertainment has become 1C-Avalon. As the newest part of one of the biggest Russian publishers this development studio will continue to create top-selling titles such as their hit 4×4 racing game series.

1C has once again increased the number of its internal studios and recruited a team of highly experienced professionals to create unique and compelling content. 1C has recently added several established game companies such as developer Ino-Co and the Russian publisher BUKA to their substantial stable.

"This signed agreement is a real step forward for 1C and Avalon. It continues to strengthen 1C's position as the largest Eastern and Central European publisher, developer and distributor," said Yuri Miroshnikov, Head of the Game Division for 1C Company. "Avalon is a professional and experienced team which has already released 13 projects. This deal is a very important event for both sides."

"Our team, in its new status, will concentrate on developing games for both PC and popular consoles," said Vyacheslav Gordeev, Director of Avalon Style Entertainment. "By creating 1C-Avalon we will ensure tight integration and cooperation with a top, internationally known publisher. I believe that 1C's support will help us become capable of creating compelling game experiences on par with today's top development companies."

Avalon is best known for their series of off-road racing titles including such games as 4х4 Hummer and 4×4 UAZ. Avalon Style approaches the development of off-road driving games from the perspective of the real-life sport. What will set it apart from other contemporary four-wheel driving games will be the presence of trial-based races in which players will use problem-solving skills to traverse gaping mud puddles and scale massive heaps of rocks using winches, car jacks, air compressors, differential locks, and more. Avalon Style developed and extensively tested this innovative gameplay mechanic in previous installments of the series, and expects the technologies within Unreal Engine 3 to help achieve an immersive racing experience.

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