East Coast Games Readies Spoils of War

East Coast Games, Inc. is undertaking its first product launch with the introduction of Spoils of War, a PC-based online game and online destination. Spoils of War is the desire of the worldwide gaming community and more than a real-time strategy or first-person shooter game.

It's the innovative merger of both that provides a fun and original gaming experience making users quest for more. Spoils of War is an online destination where users come together to participate in a community-based game experience: they get to play the game how they want to play it all the while experiencing intensity, unique perspectives, and character growth.

Our industry has progressed from desktops and consoles, to handhelds – and now to multi-player online games. Spoils of War is that multi-player online game that delivers community, relevance, scale, and breakthrough technology that makes users not only want to play it, but live it!

In the coming weeks ECG will engage you and the online community with an informative PR campaign introducing the ECG development team and most-importantly, Spoils of War. The team will share progress, hurdles, and thought processes as they bring their amazing product to life. The company plans to achieve this through interviews, news releases, website announcements, and forum postings. Also, they plan to give a peak under the tent and explore a unique alien race – the Ematrant.

The new company's Website is www.ecgames.com.

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