E-Sports: How Popular Are They, and Which Game Brings in the most Viewership?

E-Sport is a term used to describe competitive and professional video gaming. This industry category offers experienced gamers the chance to earn a substantial quantity of money. For a number of reasons, e-sports has risen in popularity in recent years; millions of people across the world check in everyday to various watching platforms like YouTube and Twitch to watch their favourite gamer play at the highest levels against other skilled gamers.

Due to the worldwide epidemic, the corporate world came to a standstill, as many firms and small businesses in many different industries and sectors were obliged to close their doors and wait for their local authorities to declare reopening’s.  However, this did not have a significant impact on the professional gaming scene because these players could still participate in tournaments from the comfort of their own homes with only needing a good setup like a monitor, console, PC, and a reliable internet connection.

Our team of gambling experts has compiled a list of popular virtual casinos that they recommend; all of these virtual casinos offer fantastic promotions, offers, and an excellent welcome package. The E-sports industry was unaffected, and we also saw growth in other online gaming industries like casino gambling.

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Furthermore, we take a look at the most popular game that is being played at E-sporting events, the game mentioned below brings in millions of people around the world and therefore it generates mass viewership and enormous amount of money.

No matter how casual you are when it comes to video games, you’ve probably heard of the one called ‘League of Legends’. When the game was out a few years ago, it was one of the most popular at the time. It is still one of the most viewed games on Twitch since it is so well-known all over the world, particularly in Japan.

There is a World Championship event held annually in this game, and the audience peaked in 2020 with 49 million people watching simultaneously! These events generally have a prize pool in the millions, and in 2020 it was 2.35 million US dollars.

On average, League of Legends has an 550k continuous players in a 24-hour cycle, this game is incredibly popular because its emphasis teamwork and communication, as well as this, it requires patience and some sort of skill level.

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