Doodle God Hits 100,000,000 Downloads

JoyBits, a leading publisher and developer of interactive entertainment, today announced that its award-winning, brain-teasing Doodle Series of games comprised of, Doodle God, Doodle Devil & Doodle Farm, has been downloaded by users more than 100,000,000 times in over 150 countries since first launching in July 2010. The milestone places the Doodle series in elite company and sets the stage for JoyBits’ hyper growth in the coming year.

Combining intelligent game play, irresistible puzzles and off beat humor with game play that appeals to gamers of all ages, the Doodle series has built a tremendous fan following worldwide. Each game offers players something deliciously unique. Doodle God allows gamers to mix and match hundreds of elements as they create a universe of their dreams. Doodle Devil, offers a devilish spin to the world building puzzle play while Doodle Farm is the perfect fix for animal lovers.

"Today marks an awesome achievement by the JoyBits team and is a testament to the quality and global popularity of the series. We would like to thank our fans worldwide for their support and let them know that more great games in the franchise are coming soon, starting with a huge upcoming update to Doodle Devil, as well as the brand new Doodle Kingdom," says Anton Rybakov, co-founder and chairman of JoyBits.

The strength of the Doodle series continues to grow annually in terms of revenue, rate of downloads and number one rankings in dozens of countries worldwide. The recent launch of Doodle God 2.0 for the iPad and iPhone saw the game hit the number one best selling Puzzle / Board app in over 60 countries, as well as the top 5 best-selling iPhone and iPhone apps in all categories in the United States charts. Likewise, the recent launch on Windows8 saw Doodle God 2.0 hit the #1 app across all categories in the United States, as well as the top 5 best-selling apps in countries like China, South Korea, Germany, UK and India.

As a result of the excellent quality of game play, the Doodle series of apps is experiencing a period of hyper growth," stated Paul Baldwin, CEO of JoyBits. "We anticipate tremendous revenue growth and profit growth over the next 18th months, capped by the launch of highly anticipated and completely re-imagined Doodle God 2 in 2014."

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