Domo Jump Announced For iOS Devices

Today, the lovable international superstar Domo is live on iPhones and iPads with the launch of Domo Jump by Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. and Kung Fu Factory. In a lush 3D environment, Domo bounces up platforms to earn points, costumes and rewards. Domo Jump is now available for download for FREE on the App Store.

In Domo Jump, players play as the fuzzy character Domo, jumping as high as they can while collecting gems, diamonds and yummy food to unlock costumes and items that give Domo special powers and boosts! Domo Jump includes a variety of levels, such as the Green Meadow, Crystal Cavern and Deep Space. Fun and challenging goals put players’ skills to the test, as they have to navigate through various goals to earn awesome rewards. Domo Jump utilizes intuitive gyroscope technology so players can seamlessly guide Domo on his ascent, avoiding dangerous obstacles and picking up as many rewards they can.

"Domo is a furry, expressive creature that has captured the imagination and attention of people worldwide," said Ricci Rukavina, CEO and Creative Director of Kung Fu Factory. "Domo Jump is a great game that captures the whimsical and adventurous spirit of Domo, and we’re sure that iOS users will love it."

As the mascot for Japanese public broadcaster NHK, Domo quickly catapulted into becoming one of the Internet’s biggest sensations. As the reigning poster child for personalized, user-generated content, Domo has found a home as a pop culture icon within the online viral community with hundreds of thousands of fan-made images, websites, and videos posted to websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr, among others. Now more than a decade later, the lovable fuzzy brown character’s cult status continues to grow and has become a bestseller at trend retailers nationwide with everyone from fashionistas to urban hipsters proudly wearing their Domo gear.

Domo Jump marks the second release from the Konami and Kung Fu Factory multi-title partnership. Slot Revolution released last month. Two additional titles are planned for the next year.

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