Detached PvP VR Title Heads To Oculus Rift

Being almost at the final stage of Detached development, Anshar Studios is ready to release the game in Early Access version, directly for Oculus Rift devices. Detached is now available on the Oculus Store and can be redeemed directly in a Oculus launcher and virtual lounge.

After few months of hands-on tests during the various gaming events (Digital Dragons, Taipei Game Show, Gamescom, PAX West, Casual Connect and others) and receiving useful feedback from Steam users, Detached is finally ready to appear on the Oculus platform. All gamers already owning the device can find the game here:

The beta launch of the game allows Oculus users to become familiar with an intense VR experience that simulates the environment of outer space, designed only for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive devices.

Detached release on the Oculus store means, that the full support for Oculus Rift device will soon be available. In fact Oculus Touch support will be added in the upcoming update! The game can now be purchased at a cost of $19.99 through the platform or directly in the virtual lounge, without taking off the VR headset. All the game details like minimal requirements and supported player modes can be found on the store product page. In addition, players testing the Early Access version of the game may express their opinion about Detached, posting their reviews directly in the Oculus launcher.

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