Desert Operation Announces Unique New Server

Desert Operation, the free to play warfare MMO, wants to share insider info for their most loyal soldiers! A new Desert Operation Server is going to be rolled out on June 1st. This isn’t just your normal server, it is something different and exciting! Called the ‘Blitzkrieg’ Desert Operation server, it will be more challenging than any other.

Every 90 days the Desert Operations server will be reset, to keep the game fresh and exciting. The overall aspect of the game itself will change, making it more exciting, bigger- with faster game play like never before.

Specifically the new server will: Reset after 90 days, research will take 60 percent less time, there is no week-long newbie protection, special achievements can be earned and even though the server resets every 90 days the achievements earned will last forever.

So join up soldier, and enlist today at for your shot at greatness!

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