Dave the Diver and Dredge Crossover DLC Released for PC and Nintendo Switch

In 2023, MINTROCKET’s Dave the Diver and Black Salt Games’ DREDGE sailed into the collective hearts of gamers all around the world with their seafaring adventures that are as exceptional as they are different and a surprise collaboration between the two was revealed at The Game Awards 2023.

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There are new fish types, new recipes, and a new NPC all from the world of DREDGE have been added to Dave the Diver via the free Dave the Diver – Dredge Content Pack, which is now available for PC and Nintendo Switch. Take advantage of the chance to get both games at a discounted price with the Dredging and Diving Bundle on Steam, which is also now available.

“It was pretty awesome to see great success for another studio inspired by the infinite possibilities of an ocean-faring adventure, especially one with fishing at the core of the experience much like our own,” says Game Director Jaeho Hwang of MINTROCKET. “Creating this crossover DLC is what our passionate fans in the community have been eager for, so combining our two distinct flavors in this DLC makes so much sense. We hope it’s full of fun experiences for all players.”

“We’ve been fans of MINTROCKET’s Dave the Diver since early access and like millions of others, have enjoyed hours exploring the Giant Blue Hole,” says the Black Salt Games team. “We were amazed to find our admiration was mutual when their team reached out to us after we launched DREDGE, our own contribution to the rising Rod-like genre. This collaboration marries two unique fishing experiences and showcases what’s great about the gaming spirit in our community; celebrating each other’s work and delivering a great time for our players.”

Both single-player fishing adventures have amassed massive followings with OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE cumulative scores on Steam. While Dave the Diver features some rightfully scary encounters, the new crossover DLC brings DREDGE’s special brand of horror to the Blue Hole. The free DLC brings the critical and community-acclaimed titles together, adding new gameplay and content:

• A new “Fog” weather event, which introduces the DREDGE content later in the game.

• Drive Dave’s boat similar to DREDGE gameplay, choosing different diving spots.

• Catch Aberrations, unique creatures with diverse attack patterns.

• New night map to explore.

• New weapon, the Drain Gun (can be created using Aberrant material).

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