Data Design To Make Pets R Us Game

Data Design Interactive would like to announce they have signed a joint partnership deal with Rolf C. hagen Inc., the worlds largest and privately run pet accessory manufacturer and distributor, to produce a computer game to be released on the Sony Playstation 2 and PC. The game will be based on Hagen’s best selling Habitrail brand, which makes exciting habitats, accessories, bedding and food for the small animal market, such as the new Habitrail Playground range which provides a fun adventurous environment for your pet.

The game is based on Habitrail’s own Character ‘Herbie the Hamster’. You have to navigate Herbie safely around the house inside his plastic exercise ball. There are four lavishly designed environments including a kid’s bedroom, the kitchen, the garden and even the attic! Each of these environments has cleverly designed puzzles and difficulties, so you must be on your guard to successfully direct Herbie to the end of each level and win the prize of his favourite Living World hamster food. However do not worry, Herbie is never injured or goes hungry for too long!

The levels in each environment gets progressively harder with combinations of challenging puzzles, tight cornering and moving obstacles that require either skilfull avoidance or clever manipulation by Herbie to reach new sections of the level. There are even 5 easier levels for junior players as well as a ‘Beginner’ and ‘Expert’ mode for those with nimble fingers!

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