CyberPower Puts Ridata Drives In Game Systems


Advanced Media, Inc., is a manufacturer and marketer of the popular Ridata brand of recordable CD and DVD media, electronic storage products, and digital media accessories. The company announced today that its Ridata 32GB SATA Turbo Solid State Drives (SSD) are now available for purchase at leading gaming and computer systems builder Cyberpower Inc.

Eric Cheung, CEO of CyberPower Inc. remarked, "The addition of Ridata SSD Turbo Drives furthers our high end gaming product offering. SSD offers the benefit of no moving parts and quiet operation creating a new high performance option for desktop and laptop gaming computers alike. The benefits of fast boot and download times as well as the ruggedness of the Ridata drive are ideal for consistent high performance computing and gaming."

"Imagine booting up your computer in seconds instead of minutes or downloading a game in seconds? That's what our award-winning Ridata SSD can do for you. It provides many performance benefits over a hard disk drive, including fast boot up and access times that improve overall system performance. This is an added advantage for gamers since SSD drives feature fast boot up and download times plus they are rugged and run cool temperatures," remarked Harvey Liu, Advanced Media President.

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