Cryptocurrencies for Gamers: Will we soon be paying with Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies are literally in high demand. The financial newspapers can no longer save themselves from new articles on the subject of Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. More and more investors are betting on the best cryptos and want to pay with Bitcoin and Ether from now on. In fact, this has long ceased to be a vision. Especially in the promising gaming industry, people are actively moving towards a crypto payment and this is even quite easy, as the Crypto Casino Guide shows.

More and more industries on the net rely on cryptos. That’s why it’s already possible to pay with Bitcoin especially at renowned retailers and manufacturers. Numerous well-known companies are just getting a taste for it. Since gamblers are the main beneficiaries of this new IT achievement, it is already possible to buy games via Bitcoin.

Why to use Bitcoin at all?

Short answer: Bitcoins are more contemporary. On the Internet, paying with cash is not possible. However, since most games are played online, a digital currency makes sense. But why not just choose wire transfer? Wire transfer takes a lot of time. It usually takes 1 or 3 days.

The duration depends on the credit institution, but a real-time transfer will add to the regular account maintenance fees. In the case of bitcoin, it is also possible without annoying fees. Of course, the transaction here is just as little free. However, the expenses per transaction are in the lower range and are negligible.

Another reason in favor of Bitcoin is transparency. It helps to disclose transactions. Personal information is encrypted. As a result, participants remain anonymous. This suits the growing Internet community very well. More and more people want more anonymity on the net.

In addition, bitcoin is easy to handle. No one needs cash anymore or has to log into an existing account at their local bank to make transfers. As a result, games can be purchased quickly and are quickly available for download or online gaming.

The advantages of technology

There is much more behind Bitcoin than a cryptocurrency. The system does not have a center. Banks, on the other hand, need a center. This center costs money. It has to be maintained. In addition, countless employees are involved. All these factors play an important role for customers. After all, all expenses are passed on to customers. They have an obligation to pay these expenses. Transaction fees and regular account management fees are the result. In some cases, even cash deposits or balance withdrawals cost money.

But what is different with Bitcoin? Quite simply: the central structure is missing. This sounds disadvantageous at first, but it is a decisive advantage. Without a central structure, the system is far less vulnerable to hacking and manipulation. As a result, Bitcoin transfers are permanently more secure. Accordingly, with blockchain technology, which is the basis of Bitcoins, there is no need for a sender and receiver. All participants become the server. If one server fails, the transactions and associated data are stored on all other servers. Thus, nothing is lost!

Using Bitcoins on the Internet

Meanwhile, there are many game manufacturers and traders who are interested in cryptocurrencies. In addition, the currencies are also popular among gamblers. Therefore, it is not surprising that some providers already offer payment via crypto. A good example is the Ubisoft store, which is well-known in the gaming industry.

Ubisoft offers a wide group of great games that are suitable for all genders and ages. It also shows a constant change in gaming variety. This is important in order to stand out against the competition. In order for this to succeed, Ubisoft attracts more customers thanks to the possibility of paying with Bitcoins.

All Bitcoins – no matter from which side they originate – are located in the blockchain. This chain is the key to the coins, so to speak. And this key exists in the form of a private key. All participants in the blockchain are sent encrypted codes. With these, they can directly access their Bitcoins, manage them, send them and receive more.

The transactions are not only transparent, they are also possible from any location. All participants are connected to each other in the blockchain. The structure looks like a large network. Since the central office is missing, all participants are required to confirm and thus verify the transaction processes. Of course, this runs completely automatically. Therefore, the participants do not have to constantly sit at the computer and accept or reject the transactions of the other participants.

Global players believe in cryptocurrencies

Apart from Bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies are also worthwhile. They are also quite interesting for gamers. Redcoin is a good example. It is also intended for use on the Internet. Due to its structure and purpose, it can be perfectly inserted into the online casinos industry.

Redcoins are considered currencies in the social media sector. They replace the previous reward system through Likes and replace it with a payment for good content. This way, every text creator – whether private or corporate – can profit from writing new content.

In addition, IOTA is attracting more and more attention. Behind it is a currency that wants to revolutionize the market. With IOTA, life is supposed to become even easier, even better, even faster. In order for us to be able to decelerate in the meantime, our household appliances and other machines take over many tasks for us. Our vacuum cleaner recognizes the degree of dirt on the floor and vacuums automatically.

Other examples of use:

  • Glasses detect reduced vision and make an appointment with an ophthalmologist
  • Kitchen composes the best meals based on urine composition and compensates for deficiencies
  • Refrigerator registers that there is not enough milk and has it delivered by drone.
  • Lamp optimizes the lighting in the living room based on our mood

Problem solving is what makes Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies so interesting. Smart devices, improved social media or simple peer-to-peer payments: Some cryptos like bitcoin have already made it into the new age. PayPal and other companies offer their customers payment via coins.

Coins are also being used more and more in the betting sector as well as in medicine. Due to the primarily easier transaction in the international area and a conceivable real-time transfer, many problems can be solved with cryptos. First and foremost, there are no more banks that control us and whose branches we have to visit in case of difficulties.

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