Cruise Ship Manager Launching on Steam

Developer Image Power has announced that the full version of Cruise Ship Manager will debut on Steam on May 24, 2023 for $9.99. The release follows a successful free prologue for the game published in March, allowing players to get a 6-cruise taster of the unique blend of tycoon, simulation, and relaxing gameplay. The full experience will allow them to sail the Mediterranean Sea without limits in search of business reputation and profit.

In Cruise Ship Manager, players take the challenge of becoming the owner of a cruise ship sailing the sunny Mediterranean Sea. Maintain your vessel, plan your route, and sell tickets to the wealthiest of passengers. Give tasks to your crew and keep their morale high. Choose your ship’s layout and the kind of amenities you want to offer. Keep the prices right, passengers satisfied, and your wallet full.

Cruise Ship Manager Features:

• A cruise ship of your own that you can customize to your liking

• Resource management (provisions, fuel, budget, etc.)

• An incredible variety of unique passengers with different expectations and behaviors

• Crew members have skillsets that they improve during cruises

• Route selection between well-known Mediterranean tourism hotspots

• Many unique, luxurious rooms to add to your ship, such as restaurants, clubs, casinos, gyms, swimming pools, and more

• Real-time cruise management with solving sudden issues by fixing damaged equipment, cleaning the rooms, extinguishing fires, etc.

• Reputation-based progression, which depends on happiness goals for each cruise

• Unlimited fun on a deep blue sea

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