Crab Cakes Rescue Dives Into Steam

crab cake rescueCrab Cakes Rescue, a brand new puzzle game with a diabolical twist, arrives for PC and Mac today on Steam, as well as in the Mac App Store. Players will take on the role of the cute hero, Pickles, navigating across a fun yet danger-filled beach in a desperate attempt to save his girlfriend, Patty Cakes. The game features a unique element that requires Pickles to actually “fail” in order to succeed. However, players must do so strategically in order to clear each unpredictable level!

In a mission to save his beloved girlfriend, Pickles must shed his shell by purposely falling into hazards to create building blocks used to escape challenging situations. Faced with over 100 levels to pass, the determined crab will also need to avoid a number of kooky obstacles like pesky seagulls, electric currents, lighting, and lobsters.

Each time a shell is shed, a block is created and your crustacean body is shrunk. Players must use their shells wisely and experiment with different ways to evade hostile enemies.

“It’s one of the only games where it’s actually beneficial to become smaller and less protected,” said Christina Seelye, CEO of Maximum Games. “You’ll have to unlearn what you know about traditional video games, which makes it all the more appealing.”


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