Christian Games Site Launches

TLC Industries is pleased to announce the launch of Christian IGames ( The website is a channel of NextArcade ( featuring a selection of computer games carefully reviewed by an advisory panel featuring clergy, parents, children and game developers. Additionally, the NextArcade Desktop provides features designed to make buying and playing games more fun, safe and secure for families.

"We recognize that families want to play games but many parents are afraid or feel helpless when they go to buy games," said James Hills, Marketing Director for TLC Industries. "We provide a destination that empowers parents to make good decisions – it truly is a Great Source for Good Games!"

"Christian IGames is a great benefit to the Christian game community," said Tim Emmerich, Founder of the Christian Game Developers Conference and owner of GraceWorks Interactive. "We thank TLC Industries for providing a solution that will make gaming safer and more enjoyable for families by providing parents with the control they need over this rapidly growing marketplace."

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