Cats Away Scratches Into App Store

Games Developer ZigZaGame is proud to announce that ‘Cats Away’ is available as a FREE download beginning November 28th 2012 (for a limited time only) in a special promotion with popular games- and app-portal, Daily App Dream (

In ‘Cats Away’ on iOS, the planet of the cats is in trouble! A supernova is threatening the survival of every cute and adorable cat on the planet, and it is your task as a cat-loving alien to rescue them from extinction! This is accomplished by abducting them using your tractor beam to suck them into your UFO! Thousands of cats are at your mercy and the better you perform, the better upgrades become available! Touch the screen to activate your beam and the frantic rescue mission can begin! Snatch up cats and valuable power-ups, and as your experience and performance improves, so does the strength and capacity of your beam! And with a stronger beam you can lift up even the largest and most obese cats, which leads to some incredible scores as well! Collect coins not only through scoring but also by discovering them scattered around, some hidden, some not; and when enough coins have been collected you can upgrade and purchase even better and more impressive UFOs. Some UFOs have unique abilities that will affect gameplay and combo multipliers, and each has different characteristics. Get ready for some serious feline-action as you unlock new and adventurous planets through Achievements. Featuring feline gameplay, intuitive controls and plenty of cuteness, ‘Cats Away’ has plenty to offer!

Compatible with the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch and the Apple iPad, ‘Cats Away’ is the sequel to ‘Neko-Up’, a game previously released in Japan ranking #1 in the paid apps category.

With its ridiculously addicting gameplay, ‘Cats Away’ has quickly become a fan-favorite! With glowing reviews in the media and more 5-star ratings than you can throw kibbles at, ‘Cats Away’ is guaranteed to keep you purring.

‘Cats Away’ is available on the App Store from here:


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