American Mensa Academy Enrolls On 3DS

The American Mensa-endorsed brain-training game is now available as a download on the Nintendo eShop.

American Mensa Academy immerses players in topics covered by true Mensa tests such as Literacy, Numeracy, Logic, Memory, and Visual & Spatial skills. Players can choose from three game modes to enhance their training experience. The game uses certified Mensa-level test questions and challenges, so that players can get a real indication of where they rank and whether they are Mensa material!

Curious about your IQ?

Train your brain with hundreds of fun mini-games, puzzles, and challenges to determine if you are within the top 2 percent of Americans with Mensa-level IQs! Expand your mind with fun and unique questions designed to test your grasp of logic, language, arithmetic, and more!

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