Casino and Esports Experts Come Together At North East Summit in Atlantic City

The Casino and Esports Conference (CEC) is a periodic event where experts from the casino, esports, and cinema industries converge to discuss the newest innovations and solutions that drive the gaming industry. The next CEC edition is slated to be held from February 28 – March 1, 2023. But there are two highly anticipated events ahead of the main conference that will seek to boost this billion-dollar business even more.

The first is the CEC partnership with Esport Innovation Centre (EIC). The two bodies are planning an esports-only summit that will feature an insightful and deep conversation on the role of esports in the gaming industry from a non-casino standpoint. It will also discuss the intersection of casinos and esports and the benefits both industries lend to each other. The third and significant theme of the CEC/EIC event will be a discussion on strategies to drive esports mass adoption, especially among grassroots and college players and the business that will lead this movement. The CEC/EIC Northeast Summit will take place on October 18-19, 2022, at Stockton University, New Jersey, USA.

In other news, the CEC also announced the creation of the Casino and Esport Council University (CEC-U), a two-day class that will host esports and online gaming as we know it. The debut CEC-U event will cover everything on video gaming and the real money gaming industry. Topics such as digital payment methods (cryptocurrency), wagering, regulations, gaming hardware, and software will be discussed.

What to Expect From Casino and Esport Council University (CECU)

In an interview with Yogonet, the event producers Ben and Ari Fox said there is much to be expected from the CEC-U event.

But most importantly, engineers and thought leaders from the casino industry will be available to witness gaming in all of its glory. They will meet and interact with gamers while learning about their philosophy and motivation for spending several hours at a stretch behind the console or computer screen. This will also include casino players from all over North America, who can meet the people behind their favorite online casino games. If you have yet to discover yours, you can find the right iGaming platform with PA’s most extensive guide. The guide gives you an overview of casinos and the bonuses provided by each of them which might help give you a better insight into the industry if you’re planning on joining the upcoming event.

The organizers believe this in-real-life gaming will help casino developers see the players they build for in real life and spur them to provide more intuitive products and services for game enthusiasts. This approach is a notch better than the casino’s usual practice of building their technology and games in-house, only adopting mainstream technology once in a while.

But it’s not only casino operators that will headline the CEC-U event. Instead, experts from different parts of the gaming industry will be present to lecture on emerging technologies such as the metaverse, augmented and virtual reality, and their role in online gaming at large. The Fox Brothers confirmed that personnel from Decentral Lab and BigTech, such as Google, Ubisoft, Microsoft, and Intel, would all grace the debut CEC-U occasion.

Wrapping Up

Thanks to the internet and smartphone boom, there are more casino sites than one can keep up with. The continuous launching of new gaming sites has made it challenging to pick the right platform and keep up with the evolving gaming world, which is why conferences like these and those for the back-end developers are important in order for the industry to improve. To hear experts’ perspectives about the ongoing and latest development in the gaming world, we advise attending the next casino and eSports conference.

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