The Future of the Gaming Industry

What is the Future of Gaming?

Gaming is one of the most popular pastimes enjoyed by all ages, in most regions across the world. The development it has seen in the past few decades is mind-boggling, going from classics like pong to exceptional graphic games like Battlefield.

With the inception of mobile gaming, it’s estimated by Statista that there will be 3.3 billion gamers globally by 2024. Smartphones are a big chunk of that, with 40% of people playing from their phones.

As gaming becomes mainstream, there are emerging trends that will take the industry to the next level. The most obvious is that of virtual reality gaming, with many heavyweight tech companies like Valve and Meta investing heavily in it.

Valve, the creator of Steam has announced its new technology for making better virtual reality games, and see’s the genre as the future of gaming. Facebook also sees gaming as the first topic which will make the Metaverse go mainstream. Through its Oculus Rift, gamers are able to play a vast array of games, from first-person shooters to strategy and more!

Nonetheless, the issue with virtual reality is the cost. The headsets start at $399+ and the accessories you need are not cheap either. However, across the world, if you want to experience VR gaming, there are numerous arcades you can visit.

One example of this is the Level Up Virtual Reality Arcade in Toronto, Canada. It allows individuals to use the latest technology to play different games from shooters to racing games. It’s just the genesis, where people have exposure to the technology, but when the cost comes down, it’s not out of the question for everyone to have one in their house.

In Canada, sports fans will be able to be closer to the action whilst watching Ice hockey, not to mention the huge amount of games they will be able to play. Virtual Reality allows for a more immersive experience, making shooting at an opponent feel real, or if you are playing blackjack, the dealer will be opposite like in a real-life casino.

Unfortunately, this is not possible at this time. However, Canadians can get the next best thing at live dealer casinos, where they may play live versions of classic casino games like baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. The best Canadian online casinos have become increasingly popular in recent years, and to help gamers, review sites have compiled lists of the top options available, organized by region. In addition, there is a welcome bonus available, and players can learn more about the available promos before getting started.

All genres of gaming have seen more adoption because of smartphones. The ease of use as well as the inexpensive cost of games is the main reason for their success. In the upcoming decade, we will see more and more games developed on phones as opposed to consoles. This is because the reach is far greater, and with in-game purchasing, the potential for profit is much bigger.

Apple has recently moved into the field of mobile gaming, having released Apple Arcade, where individuals pay a monthly fee and will have access to a wide range of mobile games. When it comes to hardware, some smartphones are specifically designed for games, having buttons on the device for first-person shooters. One example of this is the Asus Rog.

One area of gaming that is also gaining traction is cloud gaming, a technology that requires no download. Microsoft has launched Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is currently in Beta, and it allows players to try different games without installing them first. The system is similar to that of streaming services such as Netflix, just pay a monthly fee and you have access to a library of games.

The technology needed to render videos fast enough has come far in recent years for cloud gaming to be possible. Cloud gaming gives gamers far more options and is also good news for small developers as more people will try out new games. Nevertheless, a strong internet connection will be needed, so the video will not lag on screen.

The future of gaming looks bright and will become even more immersive and realistic. Today is certainly the best time to be an avid gamer!

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