Cartography-inspired Roguelike Captain Contraband Sails for Steam

A picturesque top-down roguelike with dynamic, unpredictable gameplay, trading, exploration, pirating and three unique starting archetypes to choose from, Captain Contraband is bound to please casual and hardcore roguelike fans alike.

Developed by Zweihänder Games, Captain Contraband invites you to take on the role of a dastardly captain – smuggling, trading or pirating your way across the seas … and into legend! But the oceans are vast – and filled with all manner of pirates and vultures waiting to feast on their next meal. You think human competition is bad? Wait ‘til you meet up with the undead – who are considerably more menacing …

Whisperings at port tell of the undead being up to something – and it’s your job to stop it. You must gather enough Unholy Sacraments and destroy them before the dead can combine their powers to overwhelm the living. But beware: These Unholy Sacraments have a powerful boon and a horrible curse. To succeed, you’ll have to make money any way you can, refurbish that junker of a ship, and hire a crew of foolhardy misfits along the way. In these waters, you’ll either get rich – or become just another shipwreck!

“Before Captain Contraband, we were all just slowly wasting away at normal desk jobs. We still do that, but now we also get to work on a cool pirate game! Don’t let the quaint top-down cartography-style visuals fool you: When your ship sinks, that’s it. To make it to the end alive, you’ll need a healthy mix of caution, luck, risk, and skill with your naval cannons. Whether you believe in the gods of commerce or the gods of the deep, our game is sure to throw some surprises your way!” – Madison Williams (Founder & Lead Programmer, Zweihänder Games)

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