Cardinal Quest 2 Announced, Looks For Funding

Ruari O’Sullivan, otherwise known as randomnine, the indie developer of Beacon and Fear is Vigilance is announcing a sequel to the popular Cardinal Quest. Together with Ido Yehieli (, the man behind the original Cardinal Quest, Ruari invites fans to help support the project through crowd-funding site, Indiegogo.

Cardinal Quest 2 is an indie, turn-based RPG with permadeath and randomly generated dungeons. Players will be drawn into this top-down 2D, dungeon-crawler, as they prepare to fight against the minotaur tyrant, Asterion and free the land from his oppression. The game’s new talent system, allows players to build a unique character, using a range of upgrades available for each of the six classes, for a richer gaming experience.

Ruari O’Sullivan says, ‘The game is already in development, but if we reach our crowd-funding target, we’ll be able to add more monsters, mini-sidequests, completely redo the art and create brand new music just for Cardinal Quest 2. Fans can already download a demo and we’re hoping they will want to jump on board the game right from the beginning by helping us make it the best it can be.’

For $8, contributors will get a free copy of the game. Perks at higher tiers include beta access, copies of the soundtrack, inclusion in the game’s credits and a chance to work with the team to create a boss or ingame item.

Cardinal Quest 2 Features:

More varied environments and challenging turn-based tactical combat, with the ever-present danger of permadeath

Three additional classes; Ranger, Pugilist and Paladin, each featuring potent talent trees and room for deep customisation.
Varied, procedurally generated environments

A novel swap-in, swap-out inventory system which eliminates inventory management entirely

Cardinal Quest 2 will be released on PC/Mac/Linux (iOS and Android) in Q1 2013, but fans can get a taste of the action now by playing the free demo at

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