Brave Dwarves: Back for Treasure Ships

GameOver-Games proudly announces the release of Brave Dwarves – Back for Treasures, the sequel to the critically acclaimed hit Brave Dwarves. In this superb adventure epic of good versus evil, you must rescue the subterranean world of dwarves from raging Evil and drive it back to its cave. As you go through underground passages, you must overcome powerful forces and collect hundreds of gems to seal up the Gate to the world of Evil.

Brave Dwarves – Back for Treasures lets you immerse into the fantasy world of dwarves, magic and secrets. Become a dwarf and explore bizarre passages and dungeons, swarmed with fire spitting caterpillars and bats. With the new character mode, you can role swap between a warrior and a magician, using each of the character’s magic spells and weapons to keep evil creatures away. Going through all 100 game levels does not come easy, so the key to success is to find Power Orbs to strengthen your magic and use them as weapons. Collect diamonds and gold too, as each gem adds energy to your Orb. To leave a level, you also have to find 3 keys to the next level Gate. Brave Dwarves offers dynamic, silky smooth gameplay, brilliant music themes and rich graphics that will attract and entertain adventure lovers of all ages.

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